Terms of participation
If you do not have a group of your own, everything is okay! We are putting together bands based each individual musician's skill set and preferred genre.
The musical requirements for LaMuse are very simple: you have to be able to play a song in a group, on your instrument, and play it from start to finish without making mistakes. We will be working in bands, so it's important that each participant can confidently play their instrument without getting caught up the notes. This will allow us to maximize the use our time together and discover as many new things as possible!

ATTENTION! We will be assembling an English-speaking group at LaMuse this year. What that means is we are inviting all colleagues and friends, near and far, to pack their bags and make their way over to Russia. We are willing and able to aid any international participants in their planning, visa application process and even airport pick up for a small additional fee. Please let us know what you need and how we might make your trip over to Moscow less stressful.
Special offer to each of the first 5 musicians that sign up: 42 000 rubles (650 US dollars)

Prepayment and enrollment before June 15: 60 000 rubles (920 US dollars)

Enrollment after June 15: 72 000 rubles (1140 US dollars)

The participation fee includes absolutely everything you'll need: accommodation, meals, access to all courses, rehearsal gear, evening activities, master classes with our invited guest, a place to jam with many different instruments and ten hectares of forested nature to roam in!

Space is limited, so make sure you sign up as soon as you can!

For any band with four or more members we're offering a 10% discount.

The fee includes three meals a day and accommodation in a standard room (2-4 people to a room), as well amenities that are shared between every few rooms. But if you like, you can upgrade your accommodation for a small additional charge. For example, if you'd like to come with your partner or family and want a room with your own amenities, that is something we can provide.
Payment and bookings
Admission into the laboratory will take place after an introductory meeting (either in person or on Skype) and a 30% prepayment, which we will use for accommodations and gear. All prepayments are, unfortunately, non-refundable. Full payment for participation will need to be made by July 20.
The laboratory banned the use of alcohol and psychotropic substances. Smoking of tobacco and cigarettes is allowed in specially designated places.
A turbo charge to your life in music
A turbo charge to your life in music
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