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This is the kind of process we can offer with confidence, stating, "Yes! This works!" We believe that LaMuse is every musician's chance to get charged, get inspired and learn something new in just ten unforgettable days!
Oleg Mazny
Live Performance Workshop Music Coach
Education: Cello Performance at The Moscow Conservatory

Activities: Musical arrangement for film and theatre, member of various collectives, sound engineer, band and vocalist coach, sound producer

In the long story of Oleg's rich career, you will find: collaboration with Aleksey Kortnev, Peter Nalitch, Аlеksey Paperny and sound production for the Russian recording of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Among Oleg's students – both those who started from scratch and those who were already professionals – are such musicians as Daniel Lenzi (Alena Sviridova), Andrey Ermola (Crematorium), Nikolay Sarabyanov (Therr Maitz), Aleksey Paperny (Paperny TAM) and Pavel Nikolsky (Studio Powerhouse).

Oleg has worked out a truly unique teaching methodology that compliments traditional pedagogical techniques by allowing students to study their own internal world and experience revelation as they tear down personal barriers on both a physical and psychological level. Oleg's methods suit vocalists, instrumentalists and musical groups alike. Regardless of the skillset that they come in with, each participant of LaMuse will receive new and useful sets of knowledge as they work on the things that limit their capacity to develop.
Michael Yoshpa
Laboratory "My Creative Self"
Education: Doctor of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Chemistry (University of the Sciences, USA), Master's Degree in Biological Sciences (Drexel University, USA), graduated from the International School of Shiatsu (USA), as well as the SAT Program by Dr. Claudio Naranjo.

Activities: Facilitator at internal development and self-realization retreats, photographer, Sun Moo Do martial arts senior instructor of Grand Master Bong Pil Yang lineage (USA), Ashtanga Yoga instructor of David Swenson lineage (USA), and Zhineng Qigong teacher of Master Ming Pang lineage (China).

Michael Yoshpa is engaged in the development and integration of innovative learning systems for children and adults. He is the author and leader of several educational laboratories: MySelf, LifeStream, Living Science, Living Dreams, and Living Myth, all of which are syntheses of traditional and devised approaches that Michael has developed over the course of many years in study, practice and research. He is founder of Russia's nationwide educational project, Future Now, as well as Facilitators school designed for psychologists and interpersonal specialists. He teaches yoga, meditation, Qigong and martial arts, works to develop and organize creative workshops, seminars, retreats, and individualized creative spaces. Michael is also engaged in conflict mediation.

Michael Yoshpa has fifteen years of experience in creating educational spaces, workshops, retreats, and seminars in the USA, Russia, Israel, Slovenia and Ukraine.
Sergey Remizov
Сreator of LaMuse
Education: Department of Foreign Languages at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Vocal Performance at Tech Music School, London (now the British Institute of Modern Music).

Activities: Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, sound engineer, composer, songwriter, music instructor in development projects designed for children and adults, author and instructor at LaMuse 2013, 2014 and 2018, creator of several music collectives, and now the front man of Hypnoblue.

Sergey is the Chief Instigator of all things creative and crazy at LaMuse. He has taken part in an endless procession of educational and creative projects around the world, projects that constantly keep him looking for new tools to develop as a musician himself. In his opinion, the most important thing in music is that which cannot be put into words – a kind of magic, which makes you hang on every note and stop in fascination at the unexplainably beautiful capacity that music has to paint the world. And even though there are many subtle difficulties in getting a handle on this thing, he is sure it is possible. And that is what lies at the foundation of his course; a course that incorporates years of practice and collecting the best of what he's learned throughout the world.
Stephen Ochsner
Stage Techniques
Education: Acting Department at Oklahoma City University, GITIS (Master teacher S. Golomazov), and the Moscow Art Theatre School-Studio (Master teacher I. Zolotovitsky)

Activities: Actor, musician, director, pedagogue, sound designer, projection designer.

Stephen is a jack of all trades.

Theatre: Antigone (Moscow), The Maxims of Peter Pockets (Moscow), Everything's Fine (Moscow), The Importance of Being Earnest (Chicago), Hrant Dink (Germany), Our Town (Oklahoma), Romeo and Juliet (Oklahoma)

Film: Moving Upwards (Megerdivich), The Optimists (Popogrebsky)

Stephen's instruments are the mandolin, xylophone, harmonica, vase, Turkish coffee maker, and hamster wheel to name a few. He also works translating films and plays from Russian to English. And he works on the Armenian radio.

Stephen began instructing actors and musicians at Oklahoma City University after his first trip to Russia in 2008. He worked with students from the opera department, helping find psychophysical roadmaps to arias and opera productions. For many years, Stephen has worked at the Colorado Springs Conservatory helping students find dramatic structure to compositions in the genres of jazz, musical, opera and rock. For three years, Stephen taught Movement for the Actor at the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Film in Armenia. And, of course, there is SousKefal. This project is Stephen's brainchild. It is a theatrical music ensemble in which he works as director, musician and vocalist. It is nothing like any other group in the world and possesses quite a special kind of charisma and energy, existing in a genre that the group invented themselves, Junk-folk.
Sofia Dorobinskaya
Facilitator and organizer of Evening Activities
Education: Graduated with a law degree from The Higher School of Economics in Moscow. At the moment, Sofia is studying Transpersonal Psychotherapy at Naropa University (Boulder, USA)

Activities: Educational facilitator in projects for children and adults, photographer, aspiring psychotherapist, and co-organizer of music laboratories.

All you need to do is look at Sofia to dispel any doubts you might have about her. She has the rare gift of bringing an especially comfortable atmosphere into the room with her, wherever she goes. But all the same, it's good to know that Sofia has been working in the field of development and education with children and adults for over ten years. For over five years, she was involved in anticorruption activities and human rights efforts in Russia.

She spent one year living on an eco-farm in Israel, learning the principles of Permaculture and applied ecology, but right now, Sonya lives in America and studies at Naropa University: a university named after the great Indian Mahasiddha, Naropa. Naropa University was founded by Buddhist meditation master and representative of Tibetan Buddhism, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. We could go on and on about Sonya, but it would be better for you to just come and meet her yourself. Sonya will be in charge of internal comfort for participants and instructors of LaMuse, and she will be spearheading the unforgettable Evening Activities.
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